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The Operation Main Street™ Mission

Help small businesses all over the US sell more gift cards for COVID-19 relief

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Operation Main Street™ was born in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our mission is to help small businesses all over the US sell more gift cards, providing additional cash flow to get them through the crisis. Our hope is that this will save many small businesses and the jobs they create.

The project is made possible by gift card technology and services provided by eGifter of New York. The eGifter Platform™ has historically served large national and regional retailers, however we leveraged our technology to support small businesses in this unprecedented time.

We have already found and listed thousands of small businesses across the country. There is no cost for a business to participate in the Operation Main Street™ directory. If a company sells their gift cards online and wants to list their website in the directory they simply need to fill out the form on the site.

eGifter is a small company located on an actual Main Street on Long Island. The team feels the pain of small business everywhere and welcomes the opportunity to share some of its resources to drive this initiative.

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